Fundraising Tips

Our fundraising ideas and advice!

Fundraising is a great way to gather support for organizations in your community as well as communities far away. You, your friends, co-workers, family, and neighbors can all pool your resources together to create positive change. Fundraising can be as simple as having a bingo fundraiser on social media and fundraising can be as fun as hosting a car-wash with your friends or teammates.

Another way to fundraise is through pledge campaigns. This fundraising idea involves you asking for pledges or donations in exchange for completing a specific challenge like a hike, long-distance cycling trip, or shaving your dad’s famed beard.

How you ask for donations or pledges is just as important as who you ask to support an organization. You need strategy and the right words to inspire people to donate.

It is important to make conversations about fundraising personal. Using the word you grabs a donor’s attention, creates a personal connection, and invokes a sense of individual responsibility. The word you allows donors to see themselves as a part of the solution.

The word donate can cause people to think you only want their money. Instead, use words like partner, support, and give to invite donors into a relationship with the organization you are fundraising for.

The word because is powerful because it connects a person’s donation with a specific outcome. When people understand exactly where their donation will go, they are more likely to support an organization.

Using words such as small and little help your donors view their donations as a small, kind action instead of a sacrifice. When people do not see their donations as inconvenient, they are more likely to agree to donate.

Finally, remember to thank your donors for their gifts. This encourages them to give again in the future and demonstrates that you care.