Meet Us

ACTION was founded by students at Tufts University passionate about civic education and advocacy. We are supported by Tisch College and the Leonard Carmichael Society. Learn more about our current board members below.

Immy Eads

Immy is the President of ACTION and has been a member of ACTION since her first semester at Tufts. She is a junior studying Computer Science but she also loves education. Immy was inspired to join ACTION because she wanted to show that everyone’s voice matters no matter what age, race, citizenship, or status they may have. Favorite ACTION memory: When her students were sharing what they had learned during the semester and a student responded: “I learned to be confident and to speak up.”

Raksha Ramanan

Education Director
Raksha is a sophomore from Chapel Hill, North Carolina majoring in International Relations and Psychology. She’s been with ACTION since her freshman year and has loved collaborating with passionate peers to advance concrete goals about civic engagement. Raksha loves that ACTION works beyond partisanship to further civic education in our local community. Favorite ACTION memory: Writing letters to voters to encourage voter turnout in the 2020 presidential election!

Danielle Piccoli

Outreach Director
Danielle is a sophomore studying Political Science and Economics and has been involved in ACTION since her freshman year at Tufts! Danielle was excited to join ACTION because it gave her an opportunity to teach younger students about civic engagement and encourage them to use their newfound advocacy skills. Favorite ACTION memory: Teaching students about their political leaders with Strong Women, Strong Girls and seeing how excited they were!

Gaby Lewis

Development Director
Gaby is a sophomore from Newton, Massachusetts and is majoring in political science and minoring in economics. She’s been involved in ACTION since her freshman year and loves the opportunity to learn about and promote civic engagement with others passionate about it. Her favorite action memory was helping young girls write letters to female politicians they admired.

Nithya Badrinath

Research and Advocacy Director
Nithya is ACTION’s Research and Advocacy Director. Nithya is a current junior studying International Relations and Psychology and has been involved in ACTION since her first semester at Tufts. Nithya joined ACTION because she cares about the importance of civic education and believes that anyone has the power to create civic change in their communities! Favorite ACTION memory: Working with Strong Women, Strong Girls to facilitate a letter-writing workshop for 3rd-5th graders.